noir/vogue is collaborating on an art project with the aim to show women’s beauty in all forms.

We are seeking women ages 18-80 to model for photography sessions that capture the beauty in their life’s physical and emotional challenges, and celebrate their strength. The object is to tastefully illuminate physical and emotional challenges with beautiful photography and reveal the positive story of adversity conquered in that woman’s life. This published project will serve as an inspiration to others that are experiencing similar challenges.

Currently we are seeking the following:

-Birthmark or another physical attribute that you’ve grown to love and appreciate.
-Mastectomy from cancer (with or without reconstructive breast surgery).
Divorce or other life event that resulted in a beautiful change.
-Stretch marks from childbirth or emergency c-section scars.
-Chest, stomach, back, or facial surgery scars.
-Hair loss from leukemia or cancer treatment.
-Suicide survivor or cutter scars.
-Amputation or burn scarring.
-Rape or abuse survivor.
-Blindness or deafness.
-Alopechia/Hair loss

We are also open to your ideas. We’d love to hear from you and can evaluate if it would fit within this upcoming project.

Please contact to discuss becoming involved in this amazing art collaboration.

n o i r / v o g u e
celebrate beauty.