Lumière Panel Sessions

Lumière is a unique boudoir photography option from Noir/Vogue. Your sensuality comes to light with artful mystique, celebrating your form while tantalizing the imagination. If you’re camera shy or unsure about shooting boudoir photos, or you’ve already done traditional boudoir and are interested in trying something new, consider a Lumière session.

You’ll be in total control of what you hide and what you reveal behind the semi-translucent panel, and the altered perspective will spark your creativity. Light wraps around your body softly and the chiffon material bewitchingly exaggerates curves and shape; detail and color are revealed as you lean toward the panel, showcasing your figure in a singular way. Lumiere prints and canvas wraps are a beautiful way to create intimate art for your home.

Add a Lumière session to any Noir/Vogue boudoir package, or book it as a standalone session.

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